With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Stema-Punch is renowned for excellence in its field all across North America

We endeavor to bring to our customers the highest quality of service by combining state of the art digital tools for both development and tracking the manufacturing process.

Precision Based Workflow

At Stema-Punch we pride ourselves at being able to consistently produce seamless precision based workflow. Our strong values and work ethics has proven to stand the test of time, making us a top choice for many of our clients and patrons

State of the art Digital Softwares and Tool

At Stema-Punch we manage to stay relevant by employing the state of the art digital tools and software to make quality products in a timely manner and helps us cater to even the most niche demands of the industry.

Quick and Consistent On-Time delivery

Tooling industry is a small cog in a large wheel and as such we realize the importance of delivering to our clients within promised time. we have mastered the art of consistent on-time delivery without compromising on quality of our products and services